At The CCTV Company we take an engineering approach to all our installations. This means optimising the number of cameras and lens types to achieve the widest coverage with the optimal number of cameras.



To provide a complete solution that includes cabling, suspended data cable trays and freezer room cameras. Couple this with integration to POS transactions.90 days video footage required.


The CCTV Company designed and installed the suspended data trays to provide camera coverage throughout the site, including freezers and external loading bays.

The CCTV Company designed the Network Video Recorder complete with NVidia GPU card/s and 6Gb/s SSD recording server hard disk drive feeding 12Tb of storage. 

Milestone XProtect and HIKVision IP Cameras were installed. Milestone Transact integrated to the POS checkouts.



26 High Definition cameras monitor events across all aspects of the business. This was accomplished by performing a site analysis to determine optimal camera positioning combined with maximum coverage.

Milestone Transact provides a fully searchable database to instantly review activities associated with transactions.

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